First Impressions of Madrid

So, I made it to Spain! Its been almost a week since I arrived and everything is going well. I’ve been living in a hostel so far which was the best move ever because since being here I have met about 10 other people who are studying at the same university as I am! So we have been organising courses together and of course drinking beer and getting tapas most nights.

The orientation activities have officially started as well, and I’m sorry Vic, but pick up your game. The amount of cool and crazy activities that are offered here is just incredible and I’m so excited to participate. The actual campus is about a 20 minute train ride away from the city itself, but the public transport is very reliable.

First Impressions

Moving to a new city in a new country is obviously exciting, but a little overwhelming. So in my few days spent here I have been exploring all day er day to get to know the place in which I will live for 1 year. Here’s a few things I have noticed:

1. It’s colder than I expected. Usually during the day its about 5 degrees but I’m useless and it feels like -5.

2. The metro and trains are really easy to navigate which is great since I will be using them every day to get to uni and back. You pay 40 euros a month for a transport card which give you unlimited rides on any transport service.

3. Ham, ham and more ham everywhere. You can’t escape it. There are special places that are a mix between butchers and a bar/restaurant call Museo de Jamon (Ham museum) where you can get you supply of ham and meat, the stop for a 70 cent beer and and 1 euro sandwich. Whaaaaat??

4. Timing for everything is so different here. The sun doesn’t rise until about 8.30 at the moment so most shops open at 10 am. Also everything is just pushed back by about 2 hours.
NZ                                      SPAIN
Lunch; 12-2                         2-4
Dinner; 6-8                          9-11
Shop hours; 9-5                  10-11pm
Even appointments are made late in the afternoon eg. most of my flat viewings were after 6pm.

5. Everyone is very passionate, about everything. They way people talk, the way they greet you, the way they are pushy in lines, the way they try and scam money from naive tourists, they way they protest on the street almost everyday. But yet somehow still very laid back people.

P.s. I have a flat! I can’t move in until the 1st of February so more about that later.


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