Language Update

I am pleased to inform that I am not completely useless and reliant on English here in Spain! Also, so glad to say that spending two years worth of tuition money on Spanish classes at university hasn’t helped whole damn lot.
Anyway… immersing myself into Spanish has been 10 times easier than learning Portuguese was in Brazil, simply because I know more of the basics. But having Portuguese as a second language I have found can actually be both a blessing and a curse. You know how there is already a phenomenon known as Spanglish or Inglespañol, yep well I am creating a new phenomenon and I’mm calling it Españgese. A comprehensive combination of Portuguese and Spanish in which both parties can understand me even though I probably sound ridiculous.

Living in another language can be very mentally draining. We don’t even think about talking when we speak in our first language as it comes so naturally. But simply asking someone directions takes so much more mental energy as you are constantly processing what you have to say and what is being said to you. Then when you add one even two more languages into your daily routine it takes even more mental energy to cross between them.

I know that immersing yourself into a language is definitely the easiest way to learn therefore I am confident that everyday my vocabulary will grow and soon enough I won’t be translating to understand, I will simply be able to understand!

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