Spotlight on: Toledo – “Imperial City”

Walking through this town is a like a walk through history. If you are ever in Madrid, the $5, 50 minute bus ride south to this magical town is definitely worth it!
Coming from New Zealand which was only discovered in 1642, Toledo is something almost incomprehensible.

The city has said to have been populated since the Bronze age, and was an important city for the Romans, then the Spanish Visigoths. It became an important Moorish city and is even know for the co-existence of Muslims, Christians and Jews under Islamic Arab rule. The city then succumbed to complete Christian rule and was the capital city of Andalusia, before that role moved to Madrid.

Driving into this amazing city honestly felt like we had entered a disney princess movie, surrounded by castles and towers and cathedrals all situated next to the biggest river on the Iberian peninsula. About 85,000 people populate this gem. There are narrow winding streets that are so old the cobbled stones are gradually slipping down the hills due to the amount of foot traffic over the years. There are even ancient Roman ruins of the Gigantic Visigothic style cathedrals hand built by Pedro Periz filled with art masterpieces from Greco and Giovanni Bellini, Francisco Goya, Raphael, Titian and Van Dyck.

This place has certainly turned into a massive tourist attraction so don’t go on Sundays if you want to avoid the crowds!

St Mary’s Cathedral of Toledo

Inside the Cathedral


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