Recently I have been rather busy. Since going on my little trip to Toledo I have…

  • Moved into my flat! It’s a cosy 5 bedroom place in La Latina, just a quick 5 minute walk from the centre of the city. I live with a Spanish girl, a French girl and a brother and sister duo from Guatemala so the Spanish language is a bonus.


  • Buying groceries. It may sound like a trivial thing and something that many parents (my Mum) complains about doing, but in another country this has been quiet an experience! There are no massive Pak’n Saves anywhere, only little city stores like a New World metro equivalent. The first shop took me so much longer than expected because the store is not set out how I am used to and half of the products I didn’t recognise. At least its cheap though!


  • Going to university. Yes, whilst all ma pals are still having fun out in the summer sun in NZ I have started classes and even assignments already. It’s feels more like high school here as there are no massive lecture theatres so the class sizes are a lot smaller. I am taking two marketing courses and gender equality policies in English and Art History in Spanish which has been interesting. But I will start a Spanish language course next week which I am very excited for! My timetable is very odd though and I often don’t start classes until after 2pm and sometimes finish at 9pm. It’s been a bit difficult to shift my body clock to function later in the day.
    IMG_3540 DCIM100GOPROGOPR0412.
  • Finally of course I have been socialising! I kid you not, there is something on every single night of the week. From salsa mondays, beer pong tuesdays, cheap montaditos wednesdays, meet and speak thursdays, meet and taste fridays, pub crawls saturdays and markets on sundays, I am never without something to do. This does unfortunately come with spending money and drinking a bit too much beer…But ya gotta do, what ya gotta do.


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