Spotlight on: Cadiz Carnival

Team NZ (f.t Lucy and Chris) decided we were in need of a bit of a party weekend. So where better to go than to one of the best known carnival celebrations in southern Spain – Cadiz! The city itself is actually one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in Spain dating back to approximately 1104BC. It has such an awesome vide about it and is clearly a typical Andalusian style place with some really lovely local people!

3 bus loads of international students embarked on an 8 hour journey from Madrid to the south on Friday and this was the first time I got to see a lot of the country side of Spain. Flat green lands filled with rows and rows of olive trees, (naturally as Spain is the worlds biggest producer of olive oil). Citylife Madrid hooked us up with accommodation at a resort about 30 minutes from the city with another company who also brought 3 bus loads of students. This was pretty awesome as it gave us opportunities to make friends with people from other universities, and even people who were here working internationally.

If you go to this carnival you’ve got to dress up. 95% of people there had some wicked costumes on, and those that didn’t looked out of place and kinda like they were having less fun! There are people drinking on the street and make shift bars everywhere. We ended up down some side street and in a little local bar to desperately use their bathroom, but ended up meeting some fantastic local people from Cadiz and Sevilla who gave us tips on here to go around Spain and at what time of the year. On the Saturday night there was a concert with some traditional flamenco performances and choir groups that looked like there were all dressed as pirates. We were only in Cadiz for one afternoon/night but if I were to go back I would love to hang around for a couple of days to see more of the action.

I also made a little video of our time there!

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