Ryan Air – Friend or Foe

New Zealand is great, but one thing we lack is cheap airlines! We only have two domestic airline choices so as it goes in economics, with high demand and lack of competition, airplane tickets can basically cost you an arm and a leg. So when I got to Europe I felt like my arms and legs were perfectly safe when I realised I could get from Madrid to London for €19.99!!! The possible adventures were endless at these ridiculous prices.  If you think I’m exaggerating, I just took a screenshot to prove a point.  Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 6.46.19 pm

RyanAir has clearly made a reputation for themselves for offering some of the cheapest flights around Europe and also for charging fees for everything. Apparently at one point they were considering charging to use the lavatory on the plane. I’ve seen posts that claim the Irish company don’t give a rats ass about customer satisfaction and go by a “Talk to the Hand” policy. So when I flew with RyanAir the first time from Madrid to Belgium I was actually a little nervous before the flight. (I’m never nervous before flying). 

I read and reread the fine print on the website, I double checked that my carry on back pack was within the size limits as I was not prepared to pay 50€ (more than the cost of the flight) to have it checked in. I printed off my boarding pass twice and kept one in my handbag and one in my back pack as I was also certainly not going to pay 15€ for a stupid piece of paper to be printed at the airport. If you know me, you’d realise that these are rather drastic measures I took as I usually; a) never read fine print on anything and b) rock up to that airport 10 minutes before last boarding call. Luckily I had no extra fines to pay! Yaaaay. The flight was on time, comfortable and I didn’t have to pay to use the loo. All in all, I got from Spain to Belgium in 2 hours for 35€.
Not too shabby.

Buuuut, my bargain flight quickly turned from “omg this is ridiculously cheap”, to “sorry how much for a shuttle?” The flight was at 6am in the morning, as at this time the flights are usually less expensive so I had to be at the airport by 5am at the latest. Unfortunately the metro/train system doesn’t open until 5. Add 5€ for the 4.35am shuttle from town to the Airport.
Great, landed in Belgium and we wanted to spend the one day we had there in Brussels, clearly. RyanAir only operates from Charleroi South Airport which guess what…is a 40 minute drive from Brussels. So, add a whopping 17€ shuttle ride one way from the airport to Brussels.
All together my 35€ flight actually cost me 74€.


Stop the damn fees already!

This was the result of poor planning more than anything, but it showed me that a cheap air deals are cheap because of the early morning time slot and the far out airports.
I did miss the fantastic safety videos; leg room; the free water, cookie and sometimes even wine from domestic AirNZ flights. But essentially I got from A to B on an international flight and I got what I paid for. There is certainly a limit as to the amount I would pay for a flight with RyanAir and it’s worth doing some research into other modes of transport.
But hey, if you’re a struggling student that sits in class all day dreaming about the next trip to take, deal with it!
RyanAir and I are still hitting it off like old friends.

This video is certainly worth a watch, Hilarious

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